The Evolution Of Happiness

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The Evolution Of Happiness


Happiness isn’t just an end in itself, but an enabling state of mind. Beyond simply feeling good, an important fact that has emerged in recent years is that the experience of positive emotions holds numerous social, intellectual, and physical benefits for the individual.

Over the course of two months, we’ll be releasing a series of simple tasks. These tasks may be small in nature but have the potential to create great change in your life. Every task will be different, ranging from drawing a map to writing a letter, but every single one will be based on the latest research into happiness.

Submissions will be displayed on our website, and at the end of the two months, we’ll be launching a book with the submissions received.

The Truth About Happiness

Scientists have only really started to study happiness seriously in recent years, but they’ve been making huge advances in our knowledge of what creates happiness.

Amazingly, they’ve found out that what we consider to be major events – events like winning the lottery or losing your limbs in a car accident – have no impact whatsoever on long-term happiness beyond a few months. Most people have a fixed point of happiness that they return to no matter what happens.

The bad news is that this fixed point is determined by your genes. The good news is that it can be shifted by your daily activities and the conscious choices you make – and the tasks we’ll be releasing are specially designed to help you increase real, lasting happiness.

The Happiness evolution

Happiness is important. Happiness isn’t just about feeling good, but an important attribute that gives rise to benefits like resilience, optimism and creative growth that can help individuals not only survive, but thrive in our modern, pressure-filled environment.