The Evolution

The Next Level Of Humanity

“We cannot change the world by simply looking at it, We change it through the way you choose to live in it.”

We believe in change.

We are convinced that we can contribute, to some extent, to the transformation of our society.

We are committed to it.

Change in our communities and in our companies, but above all, in the people who comprise them.

In Evolution, the art of transformation, we seek to be catalysts for that change; of the evolution of people, organizations, and communities.

Our mission is to promote or accelerate the development of human growth processes to achieve people who are more self-confident, more creative, more committed, and more willing to work as a team.

Based on specific concerns and needs, we collaborate with companies, social groups, and educational and government institutions to develop programs that have a high impact on the productivity and work environment of organizations.

We design comprehensive programs for the transformation of people with a direct impact on organizations and workgroups.

We are a multidisciplinary team, made up of coaches, educators, psychologists, and artists; a creative community focused on achieving a human being more empowered personally and more in solidarity with society.

Evolution, the art of transformation, is a factor of change, willing to work with you and your organization so that, in addition to meeting your individual or corporate goals, we together contribute to achieving a better society.

The Evolution method
One of the meanings that the dictionary gives us the word “mission” is the “power or faculty that is given to someone to go and carry out some task”.

What is our mission in Evolution, the art of transformation? Contribute to positive and effective change for people and organizations of any size.

However, in today’s world, we have many ways to seek change. Techniques and systems abound, there is a knowledge accumulated throughout the history of civilization. So what is our own approach? What is our contribution to change?

We start with people and their conscience. A more empowered, fuller, and happier human being will contribute more decisively to their organization and to society. Therefore, our first laboratory, the first people we worked with were ourselves, the members of Evolution, and of course this is the first organization to which we have not only the responsibility to make effective and articulated, but more humane, harmonious, and cooperative with society.

Thus, we have first worked with ourselves, with our abilities, talents, and interests, to develop the Evolution Method. The multidisciplinary path of our professionals: engineers, artists, and coaching experts, has allowed us to develop a system that favors the harmonious integration of the rational capacities and sensitive aptitudes of the human being; an affective intelligence that unfolds the full potential of people and entities in a globalized world.

According to the dictionary again, one of the meanings of “method” is “work that teaches the elements of a science or art.” For us, the transformation of people must reach the level of an art-science.

In Evolution, the art of transformation, we use in a unique way in Mexico all the disciplines of performing art that allow us to work in-depth with the development of the human being: body expression, the practice of improvisation or the increase in personal security that is required Present yourself to an audience, for example, and we combine them harmoniously with the systematization provided by the science and techniques of coaching, in a programmed and efficient way to achieve the objectives demanded by people and entities in a complex and competitive society.

Evolution, the art of transformation, harmonizes art, and science in the development of consciousness, for your personal evolution and that of your organization.